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09 Sep


Vinyl on Acrylic Mirror
1200mm x 1200mm x 3mm (9 x 400mm sq Tiles)

I was inspired to create this piece after watching shocking footage broadcast on the Internet of a student in an American College being held by police and ‘tazered’ after asking United States Senator John Kerry a question about his membership  to a secret society. So much for freedom of speech and the ‘Land of the free’. Several officers detained the boy in front of hundreds of onlooking students as if he were an armed man. As he became more distressed, so did the hundreds of students sitting in the assembly room. The police eventually grew tired of his cries – so they administered 6000V of electricity in to his body to shut him up. It was unquestionably, a display of over-excessive police brutality, which was totally uncalled for.

The patterns are constructed out of multiiple x-rays of hands that already contain the new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) MicroChip that is now currently being implemented in human beings in America to store medical records and other information. Soon our entire means of trading and purchasing will be done via the microchip inside our hands.

The Conspiracy:

The chips operate via electromagnetic signals rather like the TETRA Masts across the UK (which have caused people living near by to them, to feel subdued and depressed.) The Chips have the potential to induce changes in the behavior of the wearer. In some states of the US, Police officers are being microchipped too. Potentially, the officer’s reasoning and ethics may become impaired when dealing with the public, as the chip may make them susceptible to change suddenly from passive to aggressive in a flick of a switch.

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