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12 Dec

Illustration used on Giggle Cover Issue 6

I was delighted to work upon the cover image for the December/January Issue of Giggle Magazine. After discussing initial ideas with Giggle Editor Jess Dando and the Giggle Team, we were all resolute upon the image being void of any conventional, synecdochal, Christmas clichés that crassly bombard us in supermarkets as early as September: Santas, Elves, Snow, Snowmen, Mangers, The North Star, stars etc

However, we deemed that the use of turkeys would  still be permissible as the majority of the masses are so unthinking, unquestioning, easily led by their governments and conditioned by the subliminal and subtextual persuasion of adverts – that they may as well be ‘Turkeys’ – after all, the ruling Elite view us all as  ”useless eaters’ or ‘expendable containers’.

Forget the 25th December being the supposed birthday of Christ and other solar Messiahs such as: Mithra, Horus and Dionysus who all link to the celebration of the Pagan Winter solstice, (where the sun reaches its lowest southern point upon the 22nd December and remains there until the 25th December where it rises upwards 1° North and is ‘reborn’ - hence, the “Birth of God’s Sun”) Christmas has become more about the celebration of the Economy and Excess.

Yuletide is being used  as a rather convenient device to help boost spending under one big theological guise. It is crass and hypocritical that in such severe times of austerity, the mass are STILL expected to spend vast amounts of hard earned money upon commodities whilst being subject to harsh financial conditions and pernicious unrelenting and unescapable advertising forces that smugly depict ‘perfect’ fairy tail lifestyles that do not represent reality.  In the 1950s, the corporate branding of Coca cola infiltrated the colours of the traditional character of St. Nicholas and turned him from green to red to help boost their sales in Europe after WWII. Its all about taking your money off you! Wake up!

The Cover image bends towards the ‘reality’ of the ever widening and unbreachable chasm between the rich and poor. Hence, the picture’s analogue is that of a horizontal line that divides the page with deliberate sparse and empty depth in the centre. The Image depicts how the Banking cartels have gambled away all our money and are on course to deliberately crash all economies, taking away Sovereignty in order to own countries, whilst Governments are subservient and obey their financial masters. It is the Youth who need the most hope for the future.

Giggle Issue 6, December 2010 / January 2011

Introducing the ‘Cleggicopter’

It was great fun creating the Blue ‘Cleggicopter’ – This Craft makes it easy for Clegg to ‘hover’ above, whilst he chooses which political ideological platform to land himself upon. In the context of the image, it is left rather ambiguous – is the Cleggicopter fleeing the scene here? Or have the turbines of his ambition finally failed and he is about to plumit to the ground?

Turkeys ‘R’ Us (A/P)
Lustre Digital C-Type Print
Substrate: Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre
700mm x 1000 mm

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