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01 Oct

Work Shortlisted For Budding & Bespoke Competition

‘Skulduggery with Orchids’ (A/P)

Skulduggery with Orchids
Edition of 12
Metallic Lambda Print
Image Size 650mm x 650mm
(Framed Size) 860mm 860mm
Price: POR
A two-dimensional, fractal image that incorporates digital photography and mix media. The work is influenced by and to a larger extent, parodies Late Baroque style wall paper patterns. The composition is constructed out of contrasting variables of Orchid Flowers and Skulls.
Although the piece has been produced digitally through use of a computer, it is not purely a ‘computer-generated’ image. Each variable has been hand built and placed into the composition. The overall pattern imitates towards ‘an order‘ and being symmetrical whilst subsequent elements of ‘rebellious’ asymmetry occur randomly throughout. This adds a tension and energy to the piece.

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