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05 Sep

Ooh La La Exhibited at Sex Wales & Anarchy 3

Ooh La La was produced for the 3rd Annual Sex Wales and Anarchy event created  and hosted by BBC Torchwood star and Blue Gillespie vocalist, Gareth David-Lloyd.  This year, the event which included Grafitti Artists, Tatooing, Film, Poetry from Patrick Jones (the brother of Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers), Spoken Word and Live bands was held in the magnificent Coal Exchange Building in Cardiff Bay.

My work was installed alongside other anarchic exhibits and artworks of an explicit nature. Initially, artists had been asked to submit a written proposal of their intended works to The Big Fuss Arts Directory and all works were required to engage with themes concerning the themes of Sex, Wales and Anarchy. The work Ooh La La focuses upon the Cardiff Capital becoming overwhelmed by unstoppable forces of globalisation, standardisation and the creolization of its cultural identity.

Ooh La La (Banner Version)
1200mm x 1800mm
Digital Image produced upon Canvas.

As I had produced the work as a banner, I was delighted to have been able to suspend it on the main stage. Originally, the banner had been placed so that it covered the Coal Exhange’s grand clock face in an anarchic gesture as if to ‘suspend time and place’. I had also experimented in having the banner positioned so that the fabulous wooden dragons (that are placed either side of the Clock) looked as if they held the banner in their mouths.  As Lighting was being used upon the stage area it was decided  that the work would be more visible when lowered down beneath the Clock.

Picture of Ooh La La in Situ.

Gareth David-Lloyd (right) Interviews Dr Who/Torchwood/Spooks Writer James Moran (Left)

Folk Singer Maddie Jones.

Ooh La La
Metallic Lambda Print
Gothic Black Frame and Mount
700 mm x 900 mm
Price: POR

I also produced a limited number of  SW&A3 Maps for the event. 100 were produced and some were signed by Gareth David-Lloyd and aunctioned at the event.

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