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25 Jun

Work on Display at the GPF Gallery, Newport, UK

The Exhibition is being held for one month at the Gwent Picture Framing Gallery, 18 George Street, Newport, UK. Work will be on display from Friday 25th June to Friday 30th July  (Please note that the GPF Gallery is closed on Mondays.)

Some of the exhibited work on display at the GPF Gallery.

The artists taking part in the exhibition, have produced work in a variety of different ways, using different mediums.  All of the work that was created had to be the size of a standard postcard. Before commencing artwork, artists were asked to come to the gallery and choose from a range of different postcard size frames and upon receiving all of the submissions, the gallery glazed and framed and displayed the work. The exhibition also includes pieces by Trevor Key who produced the artwork for Mike Oldfield’s album covers. All works are for sale. For more details contact Jan Martin at the GPF Gallery on 01633 264581.

After selecting three metal frames, I decided to produce a mini triptych entitled P.C.

P.C. (A/P)
Mini Triptych
Postcard size Metallic Digital C-Type Prints glazed and framed by the GPF Gallery for the ‘Postcard for the Edge Exhibition’ 2010.
(3 x 99 mm x 142 mm Metallic Digital C-Type Prints)
(3 x Uneven, re-used Aluminium Frames roughly measuring 5″ x 6.5″ each)

Price: Please call the GPF Gallery on 01633 264581.

P.C. Panoptic Control, Prison City, Paramount Conformity, Population Control, Populus Congruo, Privacy Compromised, Paranoid Civilian, Pundit Censorship, Political Correctness, Political Corruption, Proven Conspiracy, Puppet Controller, Private Cabal, Pagan Confederacy, Protected Coven, Private Corporatization, Polluted Constitution, Power Centralized, Power Conflict, Proletariat Confounded, Prolefeed Conquest,People Conditioned, Programmed Computer, Prole Culture, Punished Cattle, Pervasive Conflict, Pervasive Custody, Pervasive Captivity, Protective Custody, Police Capital, Police Constable, Police Car, Police Colours, Perverted Cop, Patronising Cop, Police Corruption, Protocol, Penal Code, Private Contemplation, Pressurized Container (Human), Physical Contact, Posterior Commissure (Brain), Pre Clear (Scientology), Phenomenal Consciousness, Physical Connection, Path Connected, Precognition, Proto-Consciousness, Para-Cognitive, Psychic Capability, Personal Cryptomnesia, Prophetic Cipher, Potentially Capable, Postcards.

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