Category: Illustration

15 Jan

Cover Art and Illustrations produced for ‘Frank Penny and the Mystery of Ludlow Hums’ by Jeremy Elson

11 Feb

Art work ’36′ used for Echolounge ‘Take This Away’ Single.

’36′ (Deus Absconditus – the Hidden God, Abraxas, symbolised by the Tetraktys), has been used to illustrate the first single of a series of monthly single releases from the band Echolounge.
12 Dec

Illustration used on Giggle Cover Issue 6

The Dec / Jan Edition, Proudly sports an uncompromising, anti-commercial/Christmas Look – Not a Santa, nor Elf in sight!
29 Jul

Illustration Used on Front Cover of Giggle Magazine Issue 4. Plus Giggle Showcase

The bumper edition Issue 4 also includes a profile about my work.